Registrations Open
17 - 19 February 2022
The University of Queensland
Brisbane, Australia


Keynote presentations from:

Assoc. Prof. David Pizarro*
Cornell University, New York.

Disgust, Distaste, and Social Judgment.
Dr. Jennifer Windt
Monash University.

Spontaneous thought in wakefulness and sleep.
Prof. Matthew Hornsey
The University of Queensland.

Rejection of Science.
Prof. Tim Crane*
Central European University, Vienna.

What is a theory of consciousness?
Assoc. Prof. Muireann Irish
The University of Sydney.

Constructing the self across past and future contexts.
Prof. Steven Laureys*
University of Liège, Belgium.

At the Edge of Consciousness.
Prof. Jolanda Jetten
The University of Queensland.

Presidential address.

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